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the journey begins

May 23, 2012

sometime over the course of last semester when i was working so hard on homework and yet drooling over the recipes on Pinterest, i had the brilliant idea – hey! why don’t i bake through all the recipes on my “food” Pinterest board this summer? which then sparked the idea – and why not blog about it too?

so i asked my friends and family if they would actually read the blog (eating the food was obviously not an issue). most of them said yes, and with that, the idea for this blog was born.

the main reason for this blog is to post about all the recipes i’ve made. i can’t guarantee every post will be about food, i can’t guarantee that i will make something everyday, and i also can’t guarantee that every recipe will be good. however, i do hope to make it through all the recipes on my food board. keep in mind, it doesn’t have a LOT of recipes on it, but i’m thinking that it will grow in no time.

i guess we will all just have to run a little bit longer and work out a little bit harder this summer as we eat through the deliciousness. 🙂



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