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June 25, 2012

sorry for the silence. it has not been because of my lack of baking. i’ve been baking like crazy, trying new things that i’ve never made before. but blogging takes work. and who wants to read a blog post without pictures of the delicious food that’s being talked about? i always forget to take pictures of the desserts before they are devoured, so that’s my lame excuse for not blogging.

anyways. chocolate pie has been on my radar for awhile. i always think that “pie” should include fruit. “chocolate” and “pie” to me just didn’t mesh. and then there was the scene from The Help with the chocolate pie with the special ingredient. so i found the recipe they used from that movie (minus the special ingredient). it was delicious! i was pretty happy with it, especially since it was my first chocolate pie. my family loved it too.  Image

you can find the recipe for Minny’s Chocolate Pie here. it was actually very easy. i recommend making your own pie crust. Image

last sunday i made Paula Deen’s biscuits. and then i made them again this week… I think it’s going to be some sort of sunday night tradition.

i have also made soft pretzels. they aren’t as good as the recipe says they are, but I definitely think they are worth making! I ate an average of 5 a day more than one each day and was always wanting more. Image

completely unrelated to food: I saw Brave today. it was kinda scary at parts and very dark. however, i love a song from the soundtrack by Birdy and Mumford and Sons.

we have more visitors coming in a few weeks! i am very excited.

my goal is to be a better blogger.

until next time,



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